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Creating meaningful Social Impact with aligned industry organisations

Creating meaningful social impact within your organisation and our industry is becoming an increasing priority for many Superyacht stakeholders.


Creating change is exciting, fulfilling, awkward, uncomfortable, and always outside the comfort zone.

Investing in and cultivating, long term impact without overwhelm and fatigue is a challenge organisation's around the world are increasingly facing. Not knowing where to begin or what the first step looks like is something many organisations and individuals experience.

The LEGASEA team recognises this, as it's the same journey we have been on. The current services available to aligned organisations are designed to provide insight, support and expertise, both from our own experience and that of our team of DEI and leadership consultants. Whether it's hosting an in-house workshop or speaking event, or collaborating to create a full Social Impact strategy, we are excited to join you in creating change.

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With many organisations, events and content creators looking for realistic, empowering and thought-provoking conversations about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, the LEGASEA team is excited to connect and collaborate.

Whether you would like to host an internal dialogue with your team or bring experience and expertise to a panel, podcast or webinar, we tailor all sessions to connect with your unique audience.

Always interactive, always collaborative and providing actionable take-aways, we look forward to sharing these exciting conversations.

Popular Topics Include:

  • ​Diversity, equity and inclusion

  • The business case

  • Social impact & sustainability

  • Creating change

  • Barriers, biases and boundaries

  • Yachting landscape, risks & opportunities

  • Social impact ashore and onboard

  • Data, solutions & long term impact

  • Next-generation, talent & owners

  • Embracing this challenge with passion & purpose

May  2022

Jenny Matthews Talks Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at the Super Yacht Investor Conference 2022

Join us as we explore the single most critical conversation in the yachting industry today. Who are we and who do we want to be? Our social impact will determine the future of our industry, and with everything to gain, and even more to loose, do we really understand the fundamental truth - that without our people, we are nothing.


The Launch of the Pledge at Super Yacht Investor Conference 2020

The 2020 Superyacht Investor Conference marked the launch of the Pledge and the delivery of the 'Women in Yachting' presentation. Jenny explored the current available data which revealed the long road ahead, and asked two simple questions:


Does Diversity and Inclusion matter? And if it does, what are we going to do about it?​


With over 200 senior executives attending, the conversation was received with overwhelming enthusiasm and engagement and resulted in 27 Signatories, 34 Supporting Organisations and 50 Ambassadors engaging over the following year.

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“We were thrilled to welcome She of the Sea co-founders Jenny Matthews and Natasha Ambrose to REV Ocean to learn about their experience in the yachting industry and what drove them to start this initiative. It was an opportunity for us to take a critical look at our operations and our ambitions. The open dialogue about the challenges we may face in ensuring diversity in recruitment in the maritime sector, and tips on how we can all contribute to solutions, will help us continue our engagement for and commitment to diversity"

-Annetta Visaggi Skaug

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Connect with us to collaborate or curate speaking and events

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Every organisation's area of impact, opportunities and challenges are unique. Whether you aspire to develop internal infrastructures, launch specific programmes to support talent or resources and support your team in releasing their full potential, our uniquely experienced team is ready to create change beside you. Legasea coaching and consulting combines an intimate understanding of both sea and shore-side sectors with global best practices.

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With so many areas to take action in, limited resources and time, the first challenge can be defining where to start. Perhaps you have a programme or strategy in place and are in need of support to enhance its impact and reach, or you have a new horizon to explore. Whether your organisation is at the beginning of its social impact journey or has a mature strategy in place, the Legasea team specialises in adapting global best practices to the unique world of yachting. We work with your team to identify and action the factors most material to your landscape.

Common areas of impact include:

  • Talent identification, recruitment and development

  • In-house Mentoring

  • Community engagement and outreach

  • Data collection frameworks and reporting

  • Policy and practice development

  • Education programmes


Many successful leaders attribute their success to those in the background who inspire, challenge and support them. Coaching plays a powerful role in ensuring individuals and leaders have someone independent in the background and in their corner with whom to explore their personal impact, and day-to-day and strategic priorities.


Leaders in any industry, from C-Suite executives to team leaders and high potentials, can benefit from the fast-track development provided by individual coaching. Our executive coaching is meaningful and impactful to both the leader being coached and to their organisation.

Psychosynthesis coaching provides a framework for dialogue with the client’s inner (psychological) dimension of purpose, values, sense of self and to relate these to the outer realm of behaviour. In doing so, the capacity to see the whole system, be present and more relational, to create and make choices in the moment and to strengthen resolve is developed in a way that is more authentic and aligned with the ‘self’.

Coaching can be especially impactful for leaders in certain situations:

  • Preparing for future role or career changes

  • Managing stress, change, conflict or crisis

  • Team development 

  • Accelerating personal development 

  • Leadership developmeny

  • Providing an objective and independent sounding board for senior leaders

  • Rewarding and retaining key employees




Team coaching is similar to the way in which an executive coach works with an individual client in one-to-one coaching but focuses on group development rather than individual development. Teams today are faced with an array of opportunities and challenges that they may not naturally be equipped to deal with. Team coaching facilitates the creation and ongoing growth of high-performing teams, including senior management level and those who work virtually.

Team coaching can be used both for high-performing teams and for teams who could function more effectively. It is used to enhance the dynamics and performance of teams in any situation including:

  • Newly formed team to fast-track team cohesion and their path to high performance

  • To explore the culture of your team and develop the skills each individual requires to create a high performing, interdependent team culture

  • To build trust, relationship and understanding – the key ingredients for high performance

  • Exploring and defining roles and responsibilities

  • Supporting change and transition, including in the context of the new working environment created by Coronavirus

  • Creating alignment around vision, goals and purpose

  • Solving conflict difficulties among team members which affect the whole team

Each team coaching journey is tailored to fit the specific needs of a team and the outcomes they wish to achieve. Our expert team coaches work with your team to understand their needs and objectives and their current reality. They then design and deliver a series of bespoke workshop interventions. These focus on the team as a system rather than a collection of individuals and are flexible enough to work with whatever comes up for the team in the space.


Sustainable transformational leadership is at the heart of our philosophy. Our vision is of a world in which all life matters: sustainability is at the core of what we do. Our intention is to be a force for good, creating transformational leaders and whole system transformation. 

Organisations have previously existed primarily to create profit but now their remit is being widened by employees who want to find fulfilment and purpose in their work and a society which demands that companies act with integrity. Meeting these demands requires transformational leaders at the top who are able to help their teams develop and rise to new challenges rather than leaders who solely help their teams at the technical level. People are at the centre of everything we do, connect with us to find out how we can work together. 


Natasha Ambrose 
Psychosynthesis Leadership Coach 

I am a Psychosynthesis Coach and consultant for companies in the Superyacht Industry and am the Co-Founder of Legasea and She of the Sea. 

I coach leaders and individuals who are seeking more fulfilment in their careers and lives. This might be about inner confidence, developing leadership skills, finding purpose and creating abundance, or developing more awareness and presence. 

My goal through coaching is to help my clients reach their highest potential and find alignment in their everyday lives. I’m deeply passionate about supporting people in identifying limiting beliefs, mindsets and breaking patterns that might be holding them back or limiting them from achieving their goals.

Through heightened self-awareness we can create space for our authentic selves to emerge, leading to powerful insights that reframe our perspectives and allow us to ground our experiences and maximise our potential. 

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Matthew Boyle
Psychosynthesis Leadership Coach 

Matthew Boyle has over 20 years experience in the fields of personal development, counselling and coaching and for the last 10 years has been facilitating groups and retreats in the UK and Europe as a Holistic counsellor. Matthew is also a Mental Health First Aid Instructor and Psychosynthesis Leadership Coach, working with both individuals and organisations.

Early in his career, Matthew recognised the need to develop a more holistic approach when developing individuals and teams. Fundamentally understanding that we need to recognise the whole human being at all levels, conscious and unconscious, and the impact this can have on an individual and team performance.


Understanding that the complexities that affect us in our personal life also have an impact on our work life and that we can’t selectively separate or compartmentalise our emotions, feelings, values and needs. 

Matthew believes that if we really wish to develop and support teams and individuals to be at their best then we also need to address the underlying issues that form negative and unconscious patterns and behaviours. These can then play out in the workplace and in our relationships holding us back from reaching our true potential and leading our best life. 

Cultivating innovative & insightful spaces for individuals & organisations

Let us be the extension of your team for thought leadership and team development.

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