LegaSea is the first industry wide yachting mentoring program.

Together we recognise that success leaves clues, we can seek insights, advice and learn from those that have already travelled the path we are on. 

The most successful people in the world make a habit of seeking regular guidance and support from experts in their fields. They do so by seeking mentors.

Together, we are removing the luck of the draw from the talent pipeline, and ensuring that the experience, skills and insights developed from years at sea are transferred directly to all levels of the industry, whether you're just starting your career at sea or thinking about taking a shoreside position.

This is Yachtings platform to collectively invest in ourselves, our future and for those that have been mentored in the past to pass it on the the next generation. Successful people like to share what they have learned with others. It’s a human trait to want to leave your LegaSea.

LegaSea was created when Natasha Ambrose and Jenny Matthews, both Chief Mate 3000GT’s and Co-Founders of She of the Sea recognised the difference having mentors can make on your journey, Natasha speaking from first hand experience knows the advantages of having a mentor who can offer practical advice to solve a problems or achieve a goals. 


Co- Founder She of the Sea & Chief Mate 3000GT

Having worked as a Chief Officer, and at sea for the past 10 years I have developed excellent communication, leadership and management skills which have seen me effectively project manage refits, new build handovers and commercial registrations. I have now taken the skills, experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry and transferred them into LegaSea and She of the Sea. 

I love connecting with passionate individuals in the industry with the same ethos and creating platforms on which we can all connect with a common goal. My own experiences with mentoring are a driving force behind LegaSea, and wanting to create that space for others to succeed. 



Co- Founder She of the Sea & Chief Mate 3000GT

Working as a Chief Officer, and at sea for over 10 years, I realised I had never worked with another female on deck. She of the Sea was born and now we are working with over 58 organisations to see a high performance, competency focused yachting industry, regardless of gender, race or any other factors.


LegaSea is a natural progression in that journey as we wanted to provide career focused yacht crew from all backgrounds with every opportunity to succeed should they want to. Talent progression and potential achieved are my passions and with a strong focus on CSR and sustainability, I hope to do my part to see our industry at its best, and bring together the individuals that hold these same values.

If you would like to find out more about She of the Sea and how it all began you can head to the website here.

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