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The LEGASEA Impact Academy supports organisations in equipping themselves and their people with the fundamentals needed to create, achieve and sustain transformative Social Impact.

This is cultivated by building capabilities and changing day-to-day mindsets and behaviours through a broad range of techniques including online learning, one-to-one session, expert and peer coaching, reflection exercises, and simulations.


This approach helps individuals and organisations acquire new mindsets and skills, apply these in the context of real work and build new habits, policies and practices that drive lasting change.


 Learning opportunities provide empowered individuals and organisations access to global DEI  best practice’s, tools and resources.

Support, community and collaboration with industry stakeholders.


Signatory Fundamentals Program

Impact Academy

2020-2021 saw an explosion of interest, engagement and support for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within the Superyacht landscape, both shore-side and at sea. This represented a turning point and a major milestone in raising the visibility and awareness of this critical conversation, and one many acknowledged was long overdue. While many drew close to the conversation due to personal values and experience, or that of a loved one, the sustainability and business case for action became undeniable for our industry as a whole.

While many felt compelled to embrace this challenge with passion and purpose, the uniqueness of our industry, its history and social norms, and the complexity of life on board left many asking 'where do we start?'.

DEI fatigue and overwhelm are not uncommon for those dedicated to being part of this change, and the desire for external commitments to be backed up by tangible internal and external action added to the influx of organisations flooding to the original She of the Sea Pledge. 

The flagship course, the Signatory Fundamentals Program is designed to support industry stakeholders, building on the awareness phase, to move into deeper education and action. 


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As part of the Pledge, this program is designed to explore the fundamentals of Sustainability, Social impact and taking action. This course introduces key concepts, definitions and global best practices, as well as strategy creation, change management and communications. Flow from defining and assessing, to diagnosis and creating an action plan. Rounding off with implementation, reporting and monitoring. Crafted to ensure each module results in an actionable outcome and combining easy wins with short and long-term goals and actions while removing the guesswork from understanding and actioning your organisations Social Impact potential. Signatories are supported throughout their journey by the LEGASEA team and are encouraged to collaborate to amplify collective impact moving forward. First intake Q1 2022.



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Designed for organisation's with up to 15 full-time employees, NGO's, communities, and neighbouring initiatives to access learning, resources, community and collaboration to maximise their social impact. Recognising that resources may be more limited than larger organisations, this program is designed to provide access to the fundamentals of Social impact and combine quick wins with collaborative industry efforts to amplify our positive Social impact.     



Data on a Touch Pad

Building a truly data-driven understanding of social impact

As part of the LEGASEA social impact strategy, we analysed the data and feedback gathered from our initial Signatories from the 2020-2021 period. It became clear there was a real thirst for knowledge, direction and support to ensure the external commitment of the Pledge resulted in aligned, data-driven action. Given that this is a relatively new frontier for many in our industry, this provided the opportunity for us to highlight global best practices and access to the tools and processes required for deeply embedded change across our sector. The Signatory Impact Academy is the central learning and support hub for Signatory organisations as they embark on their social impact journey.

Signatory Fundamentals Programme

The Signatory Fundamentals Programme is an industry first and has been developed based on these initial findings and feedback. As the name would suggest, it focuses on establishing foundations: the understanding of core concepts and taking action.

Each module of the course is designed around providing context, learning and step by step actions that ultimately result in a clear path forward for your organisation. This path forward will guide Signatories to create and identify unique and tangible actions, targets and outcomes specific to your stakeholders, goals and overall business strategy. The emphasis is on cultivating transparency and accountability throughout this journey and eliminating the risk of ‘sustainability, pink, rainbow washing’ both internally and externally.

This course is designed to be completed by the person or person's spearheading Pledge Signatory organisations social impact and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts (DEI). Depending on the size and resources available within your company, this person could be the 'Assigned Senior' a single employee positioned to create change, or employee steering group or task force.

LEGASEA collaborates with an incredibly diverse range of Signatories, in regards to sector and stage of their social impact journey. This course is designed with this in mind and has been structured so that value will be gained no matter your unique landscape, stakeholders or current status of your social impact strategy.


The Course Objectives

Introduce Sustainability and social impact concepts and the current global landscape

Understand key definitions

Define the social impact business case, explore the risks and opportunities within your organisation 

Understand and explore the strategy creation

Define unique actions, goals and build the foundations of your action plan 

 Identify and implement relevant globally recognised reporting and monitoring standards

Identify which industry initiatives and programs are most relevant for your organisation to engage with



The start of your Social Impact journey, we cover the basics you need to know before you start making change.



Understand and explore best practice social impact strategy creation, and map your process.



Define your landscape, identify major stakeholders, risks and opportunities.



Collect any additional baseline data required to define, assess and diagnose your landscape. Distribute relevant industry research survey's to further define our collective landscape.



Explore the interlinked roles of creating foundations through policy and embedding cultural change through practices. Identify areas of development for your organisation.



Understand how to use collected data to diagnose and develop a high impact action plan. Explore global best practice action examples and identify those relevant to creating and embedding cultural shifts. Set goals, targets and ensure measurability.



Explore actioning your plan, senior support, change management and the critical role of internal and external communication.



Ensure you have completed all the course objectives relevant to your organisation and identify areas of support and collaboration.


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As a Social Impact Organisation, you will have successfully completed the Fundamentals Course. Key outcomes include defining, outlining and actioning your Social Impact Action plan. Specific areas of action include:

 Targets & Timelines

DEI Statement

Data collection

Reporting & Monitoring

Change Management 

Policy Development

Internal & External Communications


Defining your current landscape and actionable steps forward material to your organisation. Ensuring actions are meaningful and relevant to your stakeholders, embedding transparency and accountability into your strategy and overall impact.

Find out how your organisation can amplify Social Impact.

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