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Amplifying Diversity of thought, backgrounds and experiences


The voices that we present at events, in podcasts and within our press as experts play an important role in solving challenges, setting agenda's and gaining an understanding of complex industry topics.


Diverse, inclusive panels and points of view release our collective intelligence and facilitate rich, meaningful conversations. Understanding and exploring ideas and challenges within our industry requires a range of points of view, backgrounds and experiences. The ‘echo chamber’ effect serves no one.

The 'Speaker Bank' aims to ensure that a diverse range of voices are front and centre to further professionalise our industry, solve our most pressing issues and dissolve deeply engrained unconscious biases of what experience and expertise in the Superyacht industry looks like.


Provide access to amplify Diverse industry voices.

Highlight role models and industry experts.

Dissolve unconscious biases.

Cultivate rich discussions and decision making


Industry Voices

Many event providers shared they found it challenging to find voices beyond their usual network of experts to be involved in important industry conversations. 

With the explosion of online events and a lively in-person upcoming calendar, we now have the opportunity to address the long-standing, outdated, and ineffective, lack of diversity and inclusion within the voices we amplify. 

Speakers in the 'Speaker Bank' represent a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and expertise. Area's of expertise include both technical, creative and crewing, as well as Social Impact and sustainability topics such as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. 

Scheduled to launch in Q4, the Speaker Bank is set to expand the range of voices, opinions and experts providing insights and value to industry conversations.


Diversity of thought, experience and expertise

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Would your experience and expertise add value to important conversations in our industry? Let us connect you with the many events, press and content creators looking to expand the voices presented and amplified in our media and in-person events.


LEGASEA is excited to connect with industry professionals from both the shore side and crew sectors to enrich discussions and decision making.

Speakers from underrepresented demographics are encouraged to be part of changing the narrative of what an 'Industry Expert' can look like and we welcome you to reach out and connect.

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Facilitate rich conversations that add value to your audience and the industry as a whole. Connect with talent and experts representing the industry's many diverse sectors. Embrace the crucial role our collective media play's in evolving the visual and verbal representation of the Superyacht industry, both within our landscape and to the global community.

Subscribe below to be notified when the Speaker Bank is live and connect with us to explore the incredible depth of talent beyond your immediate network, ready to bring fresh perspectives, insights and ideas to your next panel.

Are you ready to add your voice?

Be part of creating meaningful change.

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