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Quay Crew is a global superyacht recruitment agency with offices in Antibes, France, and Poole, UK. Since being established in 2013, the company has placed over 1,500 candidates on more than 300 prestigious superyachts and worked in partnership with some of the world’s leading yacht management companies. The team has 30 years’ combined onboard experience, plus an additional 40 years’ recruitment expertise.


United in their efforts to service both clients and candidates equally, they favour quality over quantity, taking time to make the right match so superyacht and industry clients don’t have to - significantly reducing the risk and cost of a bad hire whilst maximising crew potential and longevity.


As a company, they actively support crew through giving placed candidates free access to a specialist 24/7 mental health helpline and feel passionate about helping individuals to develop their yachting careers.


Alongside this and their partnership with LEGASEA, Quay Crew also sponsors Young Professionals in Yachting which is committed to encouraging professional development on shore.

It’s time we all start championing the industry as one where someone can enjoy a worthy and highly rewarding career, both at sea and on land. The LEGASEA mentorship program offers something tangible to crew and we are thrilled to be able to give people the chance to gain access to this exclusive service and look forward to watching individuals flourish.

- Tim Clarke, Quay Crew Director


Why has Quay Crew sponsored the Legasea Mentorship Programme?

Quay Crew has always been passionate about promoting the superyacht sector as a rewarding career option with long-term prospects. It’s ingrained in our recruitment approach when talking to candidates, exploring their short as well as long-term goals and key skills – particularly with green crew.

This has led to us setting up our own land-based recruitment division so we can help those wanting to utilise their experience when life/goals changes and they want to transition into a shore-side role.


Any organisation or program that aims to support yachting professionals to identify their strengths, develop their skills and connect them with link-minded peers is going to be supported by us.

Why does Quay Crew believe Mentoring is important?

There is a huge shortage of good crew candidates and part of what we believe the LEGASEA program will do is encourage new people into the sector while giving those at the top, those with influence, the chance to be involved in driving change for the better.  


In the corporate world, professional development, mentoring and career progression is often part and parcel of the job, and the yachting industry needs to catch up. As we mature, so will the people who work in the sector and the opportunities available. This is just the start of setting this sector up for one to aspire to work in for decades, not just a few years.

What outcomes do Quay Crew wish to achieve from the Mentorship programme?

From various conversations with crew, it appears leadership training, conflict resolution and people management are skills they want to develop, or want their HOD to develop! Other skills that are hugely undervalued, but always used in yachting and more importantly, in almost every industry, are networking and negotiating. Onboard, you might be responsible for resupply and negotiating prices would be welcomed. Networking throughout your career will also give you a solid peer network to call upon when you need them. 

Our hope is that crew get from it what they want and need. The key for us is not just to show support for organisations in the sector who are doing great things with some kind of financial contribution, but be able to give our candidates something tangible in return. We’ve already done it with access to a free 24/7 mental health helpline via MHSS for all placed candidates, and now we can give ambitious candidates a real opportunity to reach new heights in their career.

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