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Who are the Crew Well-Being Co and how do you want to be seen? - Burgess is the superyacht industry leader, specialising in yachts of over 30m (100ft). Renowned for its professional yachting services, the company leverages its expertise to guide clients through every aspect of the yachting experience, including sale and purchase, charter, new construction, management, crew services and insurance. Burgess has been involved in the sale of many of the world’s most significant yachts, while their technical division is currently project managing the build and development of a diverse spectrum of large yachts. The company’s highly qualified yacht managers have extensive seagoing experience and can take care of every facet of managing a superyacht. Burgess’ first-class charter service offers a portfolio of the finest yachts in the best cruising destinations around the world. The superyacht credentials of Burgess are unmatched, ensuring that clients enjoy the highest levels of customer service.

With leadership comes responsibility, and as the leading brokerage house, Burgess firmly believes that it has a duty to educate and lead the next generation into the industry.

- Georgina Menheneott, Burgess Partner


Why have Crew Well-Being Co partnered with us?

At Burgess we believe in our people and we believe in the people who work in this exceptional industry.


The superyacht industry is one of aspiration and achievement, and one that should be characterised by opportunity, performance and excellence across every sector, both at sea and ashore.


We believe in making this industry a better place for all those who work within it, in raising professional standards, in providing accessible training and guidance and in creating the right opportunities for those who aspire to perform, to rise through the ranks and to exceed their own expectations.


In LEGASEA we have found a team who have themselves worked their way up through the ranks at sea and who know what it takes to deliver time and time again. LEGASEA’s values, passion and commitment match our own and working together we can use the Burgess business as a force for good.

How do you impact the people you work with?

To contribute to the development of a sustainable superyacht industry for the 21st century that is characterised by performance and opportunity for all those working within it.

To identify the rising stars who are committed to a career in yachting at sea or ashore, to help them achieve and surpass their goals and then play their own part in paying the opportunity forward.

To drive a wider commitment from the industry to join us and Legasea in this ambition to make the superyacht industry a world leader in change and innovation.

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Matthew Boyle has over 20 years experience in the fields of personal development, counselling and coaching and for the last 10 years has been facilitating groups and retreats in the UK and Europe as a Holistic counsellor. Matthew is also a Mental Health First Aid Instructor and Psychosynthesis Leadership Coach, working with both individuals and organisations.

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Chloe Wright is a talent and leadership consultant‭, ‬executive coach and facilitator working with clients in a psychologically holistic way to create self-insight and unlock hidden potential for purpose and growth‭. ‬She is a trusted advisor to numerous FTSE‭ ‬and private companies‭, ‬building long term relationships and co-creating tailor made solutions for clients’‭ ‬needs across their talent agenda‭. ‬

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Charlie Cannon For over a decade, Charlie has helped leaders, teams and global organisations build resilience thus enabling them not only to embrace change in an uncertain disruptive world but able to sustain high levels of performance and thrive no matter what the world throws at them.

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Ursula Connolly has more than 25 years of experience in developing and motivating individuals and companies to achieve successful results. Her passion is to help organisations engage and develop their leaders and their teams so that they work together achieve great results.

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