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Joined by special guests Lars Lippuner and Giuseppe Saieva from Solent University (Warsash) - we explore OOW pathways, how to decipher sea time requirements, funding and the things those of us who have gone before wish that someone had emphasised to us - Hint : like tracking your sea time from day one (download sea time tracker template here)!

Chief Officer Katy McGilvray- LegaSea Mentor

Hind sight is super handy (and a little bit annoying...) so Tash and I decided to put together a workshop where you can find out all the information about Deck Officer and Master pathways available at the moment, plus all the little bits and pieces that can often pop up along the way.

Timing is everything- and in this workshop Lars , Solent University's Director, walks us through a brand new document* that clearly lays out the different requirements and outcomes for :

- A Cadetship ( Unlimited)

- The experienced Seafarers route (Unlimited)

- The Yacht Pathway (3000GT)

*This document will be published to the OOW Pathway resource centre once finalised by Lars

Lars does a great job of making sense of the notoriously complicated sea time requirements and definitions, shares about funding options, and the higher education outcomes gained by completing the Cadetship and Experienced Seafarers route.

Worth noting is the underlying understanding that there is no right or wrong pathway- these sessions are about understanding the different aspects, usages and limitations, and working out which one will serve you along your unique career path. The more you know about yourself and what you want from the next 5-10-20 years, the more efficient choices you can make!

Captain Sally- Ann LegaSea Mentor

We recommend you supplement this workshop with the various documents found in the OOW Pathway centre , and if you would like to speak to the Solent about anything covered in the session, email us at


  • LegaSea members are entitled to a 30% discount on their Nautilus membership. Apart from the necessity of getting your sea service verified, we recommend ALL yacht crew to become members for all the obvious reasons. If you are not currently a Nautilus member and would like to find out more and utilise the LegaSea member discount- email Jenny at

  • Slater Fund- Find out more about the scholarships available and apply for Funding

More great information from Solent:

-Ratio of male vs female participants?

Currently abut 90% male on our experienced seafarer route although we would like to see a more balanced ratio in the future.

For the cadet programme it is more like 25% female.

-Is there any kind of support provided for dyslexic etc students?

Yes we have an extensive range of support for this provided by trained staff in our student support services. We have a number of students every year with dyslexia so we are used to supporting them. This does not hold any students back from completing their programmes of study.

-What is the failure rate for the course? What are the predominant factors influencing this?

Only about 5% and this is mainly due to students not applying themselves to their learning or decide a life at sea is not for them.

- Do all OOW unlimited or 3000 courses go ahead regardless of participant numbers?

Generally all our courses go ahead as we tend to get sufficient numbers. In the unlikely event that we have to cancel a course then we would offer the student a place on the next course that would be running.

A huge thank you to the Solent team for putting together this workshop and answering all our questions- Lots of food for thought no matter what stage of your career you are currently at!

If you have a question that hasn't yet been answered, why not leave it in the comments or email us at and we shall find your answers!

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