The Tracy Edwards effect

Live Session with Tracy -We laughed, we cried and every single one of us walked away saying wow....

Last Saturday, we were joined by the incredible Tracy Edwards from Maiden. Hand on heart, one of the single most inspiring interviews to have been apart of and one we are so proud to be able to share with the LegaSea and She of the Sea networks.

The energy, passion and bond Tracy has with this vessel and the impact it has on a global level is enough to give you goosebumps.


'The Q&A with Tracy was absolutely amazing, the questions were spot on and so the interaction was meaningful and truly inspiring. I think this is the first time I felt this close to a person I admire. She is a real life symbol, her passion and hard work have no doubt shaped the world we live and work in. I feel I am a direct recipient of her effort, I feel so grateful, now more then ever...'

- LegaSea Mentee

The opportunity to hear from someone who has impacted not just a sport but generations of men and women felt significant. We were able to hear how the meaning and experience of what they achieved in 1989 has evolved in the years since. We spoke about how she and her team mates cultivated grit and resilience, held on to hope when all was lost (at many many points of the journey....) and what it felt like rescuing Maiden from neglect and disrepair 25 years later.

We explored what the whitbread race has led onto and learnt about what the Maiden Factor Foundation is doing to champion education for girls through their world tour.

WARNING- the video below comes with goosebumps too..

'Thank you so much for organising the zoom with Tracy Edwards!! Started tearing up even just during the call. I talk about her to all my students, they really suddenly relate and start to see themselves differently after.'

- She of the Sea Member

We hope you all enjoy watching the recording- we are unfortunately unable to share the conversation to the public via social media so this truely is an exclusive interview for our fabulous network to enjoy. It has of course been uploaded to the Live Session section of the Resource centre where you can find all the inspiring chats so far.

'Tracy Edward’s is magnificent. Fancy that, at 26, champing at the bit to do a circumnavigation in a race! The being told she could only be a cook!! Then say “bugger-you-lot” I’ll take my OWN boat and crew!!!Truely ballsy. Fun, funny, interesting, lively and very informative. '

- Jenny's Dad..

I agree Dad, I agree.

Stay tuned to see who will be joining us for the next Live Session! As always, if you can think of someone that we should be chatting with, inside Yachting or in the wider world, please do let us know!

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