Are leaders born? or are they forged?

Are great leaders born, Or are the forged?

Do innovators, creators and change makers share common traits and experiences?

Having always been fascinated and curious about what separates the great from the good, this is our chance to hear the journeys of some of the most influential voices in our industry, in their own words.

To what do they attribute their success? How do they turn their failures into learning, and what does ' keeping their cup full' look like? It can be easy to see industry figures as they currently are and forget that each of us each have unique journey's and influences that have seen us as we are today.

Each month, we invite you to join us to question, listen and learn from the insights of industry experts, and if there is someone in particular that sparks your curiosity, why not let us know in the comments!

To launch this series we are joined by Rose Damen, Managing Director of LegaSea Sponsors Amels and Damen. As shipyards, each have captured their unique markets and continued to evolve and capture new ones. Notably creating waves, Damens SeaXplorer series is now producing some of the most eye catching vessels and appealing to the burgeoning adventurous owner market.