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At Burgess we believe in our people and we believe in the people who work in this exceptional industry.


We believe in making this industry a better place for all those who work within it, in raising professional standards, in providing accessible training and guidance and in creating the right opportunities for those who aspire to perform, to rise through the ranks and to exceed their own expectations.

We're teaming up with LEGASEA to identify the rising stars who are committed to a career in yachting at sea or ashore, to help them achieve and surpass their goals and then play their own part in paying the opportunity forward.

To drive a wider commitment from the industry to join us and LEGASEA in this ambition to make the superyacht industry a world leader in change and innovation.

If you're currently employed on a Burgess yacht and would like to:

Develop better leadership qualities 

Build on your communication and team work skills

Have a long-term career in yachting

Have support in achieving your goals

Finding your future path in yachting

Connect with industry leaders



LEGASEA Mentorship is the first industry-wide mentoring programme for career-focused yachting professionals.

Connect with mentors, both ashore and at sea, to strengthen your skill set, provide new perspectives and support your personal and professional growth.

​It can be challenging to connect with mentors beyond your boat, workplace or current network. Bringing in a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences and expertise can help you build your own personal advisory board to ensure your career is fulfilling, aligned and everything you want it to be.

Increased Opportunities & Support

Cultivate a Global Network

Connect with Industry Leaders

Gain Insights & New Perspectives

Set Clear Goals & Take Action

Develop Leadership & Communication Skills


1. Apply for a Burgess Scholarship Seat. 

2. If accepted into the mentorship programme, you will become a LEGASEA Member.

3. On 15th November, all members will be given access to the online space to create their profiles and explore the platform. Members can dive into the online communities, training courses, events, and exclusive offers either on the mobile app or desktop. 

4. On 1st December, join the LEGASEA launch event. Get to know the programme, platform and network with members to get a head start on whom you would like to match with! Matching in the platform will be turned on and you can begin connecting with potential mentors. Smart algorithms will give you a list of suggested mentors that match your profile. You can also search all mentors and request them individually. 

5. Once you connect with your chosen mentor you can begin your journey! Schedule meetings set SMART goals and achieve milestones with mentor guidance. You will be guided throughout the process by prompts, resources, guides and suggestions which will ensure you get the most out of your mentoring experience.


As part of your LEGASEA Membership, you will have access to events, workshops, community groups and peer networking, designed to enhance and maximise your experience and opportunities.

Develop skills, build 1:1 relationships

Community Groups
Network & connect with similar interests


Peer Coaching
Knowledge sharing network

Learning & Training   Workshops, courses, Mentor training

Exclusive Offers   Exclusive offers from aligned partners

How does the mentorship programme work?

LEGASEA Mentorship uses smart matching tools to quickly and accurately match mentors and mentees based on relevant criteria, including experience, skills, interests, location and desired outcomes. We also can create peer and team-mentoring groups. Once you have created your profile you will be presented with potential matches. Once matches have been accepted by both interested parties the platform uses milestones, prompts, in-app tasks and scheduling to ensure you can focus on your mentor/mentee relationship.

How much time do I need to commit?

It is widely recognised that a good mentor/mentee relationship will include meeting anywhere from once a week to once a month depending on the relationship and the goals. It is of course going to be a personal choice for both parties and is expected to vary based on each individuals available time. It would be expected to be able to connect through messaging on the app or platform or in-between meetings should the need arise. We do also bring the awareness that we are all in this unique industry and sometimes we may not have the available space to connect.

I would love a mentor but how will I know what to do once I am connected with one?

Great question, and you're not alone! One of the great features of the platform is the support, prompts, templates and training available for mentors & mentees. Throughout the programme you will be guided by global mentoring best practices so you can focus more on connecting and less on admin. Even better is the in-app scheduling, goal tracking, document sharing and more, so you can keep all your mentoring appointments and content in one space!

What kind of mentors will I be connecting with?

Mentors are from all sectors, levels of experience and backgrounds. All mentors are vetted so you can rest assured that you will be connecting with passionate, career focused individuals that are deeply invested in your journey and to see our industry at its best. Mentors come from both the shore and sea and you can connect with more than one. This means whether you want to climb the ranks, learn about a new area or topic or explore careers in totally new areas, you can find your match!

I'm looking for work, can I find a job here?

A mentor/mentee connection is not designed for the purpose of getting an employment offer from your mentor. Please do not connect with people to ask for work - this goes against LEGASEA community guidelines. It is common however, for employment opportunities to be enhanced due to your network expanding, as well as your skill set.

What happens if I want to end one of my matches? 

You can end one of your matches at any time! You may feel like it's not the right t for you or your mentor relationship may have run its course. This is totally normal and we encourage all parties to be aware this may happen - not every connection is going to be for the whole duration of the programme. You are free to end the match and engage with other mentors at any time during the programme.

What if I'm at sea? Will I be able to connect with people?

Absolutely! This year we have introduced the IOS and Android app to ensure EVERYONE has equal opportunity to connect, no matter where in the world you are!

Start your journey, to reach your highest potential.